Chapter Three – Follow Me, Whistler!

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Chapter 3

11:35 PM, Friday
5th Floor, Riya’s Bay

Riya was in her bay, working when her mobile phone beeped. It was a WhatsApp text from Sanjay which read “I’ve boarded the plane. Waiting for take-off…Take care. Be safe!”

“Go…Go…Chennai’s waiting..!!! Happy Journey! Come back soon!” She replied to his message, stared at her mobile for a minute, placed in on the table and resumed her work.

Almost everyone from her team had left early since it was a Friday night. The whole floor seemed empty except for the three – Riya, her team mates Apoorva and Gourav.


“Who’s coming to Cafeteria???” asked Gourav from his workstation which was a row behind from that of Riya.

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Chapter Two – Follow Me, Whistler!

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Chapter 2

Monday, 5th Floor,
Riya’s Workstation

It was around 7:00 PM and Riya was occupied with her work. She was supposed to submit a data analysis report by mid-night. Riya, being just an Associate Software Engineer had very less knowledge about reporting and was struggling to draft the data analysis report. She cursed her Team lead, Patel for encumbering her with such an unfamiliar report. These people are always like this…burdening ASEs with tough tasks, she thought. She knew that there was no other go and she had to complete the task assigned to her.

Tid-Ding… Her mobile phone beeped.

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Chapter One – Follow Me, Whistler!

Chapter 1

Jan 2016,

It was a dark abandoned street and none but street lights filled the way. Dressed in Chudidhar, a girl was walking with a handbag. Her loose hair bounced in every step she took and sweat rolled down the soft cheeks. Eyes restless and with a panicking breath her hand trembled its way to the handbag. She turned her gaze behind.


About twenty feet behind, was a hooded figure. From the physique it was evident that it was a guy. He could see the girl looking back at him. He was dressed in black and his hands were stuffed in his jacket. He could sense fear has engulfed her.

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Follow me, Whistler !

A girl is being followed by different strangers every night she returns from her work.
Who are they? What do they want?

Wait till Feb 14….
Wait for the answers….

Author: Navin Rajagopal

Editor: Gayathri Venkateswaren

Chapters Published:

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3
© Navin Rajagopal

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