What I did on April 14, 2017 ! – சித்திரை 1

April 14, 2017

My screaming mobile woke me up. It was 8:36 AM. The moment I woke up, the first thing I did was turning on my mobile data. Not actually though. Turning off the alarm was the first thing which I did.

Minutes passed….

I was now looking at the notification bar of my mobile that showed around 300 unread WhatsApp messages. All the WhatsApp Groups that seemed dead all these days suddenly became hyper active today. I also saw messages from those people whose existence was a question mark all these days.

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To be Friends with You!

Jan 22, 2017

“Tell me what should I do 😟?” I asked Rima in WhatsApp.

I just got back to my room after meeting my friend, Rima Shri. It had been months since we last met. The last time we met, she shared with me the paranormal activity, Soan Papdi that she encountered. But this time, it was my turn to share my ultra-abnormal activities.

I had just told her the whole not-so-interesting story that happened between me and Payal, the Anklet Girl who works in the same company as I do; in a different project though. And the never-before-behaviour of mine which ended up with Payal avoiding me. I also showed Rima the Portrait of Payal that I sketched.

“This doesn’t exactly look like her!” Rima said on seeing the sketch. “I would say, the sketch looks prettier than Payal herself!” I replied her trying to convenience myself that the Sketch is that of Payal.  I wanted to give that portrait to her. How am I gonna give it? Payal doesn’t even talk to me.  The conversation that I had with Rima few hours before was running in my mind.


“What is your heart and mind telling you?” Rima asked.

“Heart – Blank🤕… Mind – Worried😟…

“You didn’t do anything wrong… First keep that in mind! Ok?” she tried to convince me.

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Friends Again, My Girl!

“Can we be friends again?” she asked me.

I just couldn’t believe what I heard. Is it really happening or is it a dream? I thought to myself.


I was on the last aisle seat of the bus. Our college run free trip buses between college campus and Perundurai Bus stand, the nearest bus stand and I was then seated in one. It had been one and half years since I left college. I was there again for some reason and was returning.

Few minutes had passed and I turned to my left to see a girl on the window seat. She was facing the other side peeping out though the window.

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She is Jessi !

“You are fake as far as I know. Don’t disturb me anymore. Good Bye!” she said in the chat. With that she had erased me from her life and herself from mine.

How would it feel when you hear these words from her?

Her..the one you never wanted to miss in your life…the one who had the magic within her to make you fall for her…the one who you thought had come to change your life…

How would it feel? It would hurt like hell, wouldn’t it!

Who was she? What was so special about her that attracted me?

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Soan Papdi

Dec, 2015

It had been months since I last met her. We decided to meet at our regular spot, Kalamandir Creamy Zone at 7 PM. Being Punctual, we reached the spot exactly at 07:18 PM. She wanted a Choco-dip cone and I too ordered the same. We started walking on side of the road, eating ice cream and talking about the things that happened over the months.

By the way, her name is Rima Shri. We became friends during our training classes in the initial days on joining this company. We now work in different branches of the same company.

“I got busy with my work. They are giving me a lot of tasks!” she said making a face.

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Demon-Crazy Democracy

April 30, 2016

Tired out after shifting half of my luggage to my new PG room, I was sitting on the bed in my old PG. My mobile phone started ringing. Arjunraj KEC calling…my mobile screen flashed.  Arjun was my department mate in my college days. Wondering why he had called me on this Saturday eve, I picked up the call.

“Hey Arjun…Tell me da…” I said.

“Hi da … Are you busy or what?”

“Kind of… It’s okay, tell me…”

“I’ve sent you a mail. It would be great if you post it!” he said. I felt hesitation in his voice.

“Hey… Don’t take me wrong. I don’t post articles that has already been published by others” I told him with my voice low. It was when something struck my mind. What if Arjun himself had written that?

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One Banana Milkshake

April, 2016

“You’ll have juice now, rite?” Sania asked me when our shuttle stopped at our bus stop, Kalamandir.

It was a Tuesday evening and we were in our company bus which we call Shuttle. Since it was the last stop everyone in the bus had to get down there. We were seated on the third row from the last hence were waiting for our turn.

“Yeah…Like always” I said.

 “I know!” she said tilting her head to her right and taking it back like a small kid. She is in her early 20’s. She is not a kid anymore but she chooses to behave like one, at times. And that makes her look cute. She likes it that way and I like it too.

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Two Year Old Kid

April 2016

My screaming mobile phone woke me up. It was a Sunday and I had no mood to get off my bed. It was just 08:33 AM. If I were at my house, I would have slept for one more hour. But I weren’t. I stay far away from my home. I stay in a PG (Paying Guest) room in Marathahalli, Bangalore. And if I don’t go to the dining room before 9:30, there would be nothing left for me to eat.

Once I was done with my morning chores, I took my wallet. I’ll go to the nearby fast food center if they had cooked Upma, I thought. I walked to the dining room which is in the ground floor whereas my room is at 3rd floor. And our dining room is nothing but a part of the parking area.

As excepted they had cooked Upma. But there was something else too.

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To Propose on April 1 !

April 1, 2010

It had been a week since I sent her my Poem Note Book which had all the poems that I wrote. Most of the poems were penned down for her, with her in my mind. From my first Tamil poem, “Paarthen, Rasithen” till the latest English one, “February 25th“, the note book had a collection of all my poems. The total number of poems never crossed 50 at that point of time and I was not a poet though. Those were some crazy lines written by a crazy guy! I had also sketched a picture of her and had sent it along with that Note book. I hadn’t talked with her since then.

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